Welcome to Hounds Hair

Hounds Hair is a Nationally Certified (National Dog Groomers Association of America) grooming facility which has been established in the Ponte Vedra area since 1999 and is dedicated to the welfare and well being of your precious pet.

Your pet is considered to be an important part of our family. Just like your children, you want to leave your loved one with someone you can trust, someone you know will care and who has the skills to groom them just as you would like.

We offer a complete service from show dog grooming, hand stripping, pet grooming, maintenance, bathing and brushing.

We also offer doggie daycare and boarding facilities for those of you who need to leave their loved ones for longer periods of time.

All our staff are constantly trained and assessed to official NDGAA (National Dog Groomers Association of America) standards by a Nationally Certified Master Groomer* and kept abreast of new trends and standards in both show and pet grooming, including the handling of puppies and geriatric dogs.

Q: Why is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer so important?

• A: In many States groomers do not need to be licensed. Anyone can pick up a pair of scissors and call themselves a groomer.

Nationally Certified Groomers must pass both written and practical exams which cover in-depth, all aspects of grooming, pet health, skin diseases.


As we feel that you should not be without the company of your pet for too long we offer two drop-off times – 8.30 – 9.00 and 12.00 to 12.30.


Our prices are based on dogs in good condition who receive regular grooming.

Pets requiring significant de-matting and undercoat removal will be subject to a supplementary charge of $15 per 15 minutes.


Which includes bath, dry, full hair cut, nails, ear clean, cologne, bows or bandanna.

Small dogs $46-56

Medium dogs $60-70

Large dogs $70-84

Extras include hand stripping and, teeth brushing.